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Periodic table of the chemical elements

Painting movements

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Periodic Table of the Elements

The "Periodic Table of the Elements" is a great classic Poster.

But this one has several funny and educational originalities for everyone !

Thanks Mendeleïev !
Format :
118x84 cm (A0)
or 84x59 cm (A1)
Price :
39€ - $49
20€ - $26
Quality : Satin or Shiny
S&H : Check here  


Elements cards
118 cards describing all elements. Different colors according to their type (metals, halogens,...).

These cards include a 3 sentences summary, pictures, physic properties, a really good synthesis of the element.

To educate and to decorate, can be exposed everywhere !

Physic datas
A periodic table is first an element classification.

The great classical is the physic properties of the elements. For example : Atomic mass, fusion temperature, boiling temperature, electron configuration, symbol of course, etc...


Picture of the element
Originality of this periodic table is the picture of the usage of the element.

3 to 4 pictures per element.

Visual !


These graphics show the periodic table in 3 dimensions. The third dimension shows the studied propertie.

4 properties are described : Electronegativy, number of compounds, density and fusion temperature.

Original !

Few definitions and explanations, legend and bibliography.