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Periodic table of the chemical elements

Painting movements

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The Painting Movements

"The Painting Movements" describes the paintings cannot be overlooked in a movement of art chronology.

Some people could see in this picture an insult to the works thus perverted, others an offend to rationalized thus Art.

Finally others will be able to understand all the historical, artistic and human depth. They will be able to set back these works "everyone knows" in the whole picture, to give them a sense, to learn something or to feel like to know more.

It's funny to see side by side some works that could be in conflict before, and maybe to reconcile them.  

Format : 84x118 cm (A0)
Quality : Satin or Shiny
Price : 35€ - $45
S&H : Check here


The Paintings
More than 120 paintings of the most well known painters put together in a coherent assembly.

Work sizes are all Mona Lisa size proportional.

Are you going to recognize them all ?!

The Movements
The main caracteristics of each movement are described, technical but also historic informations.

Are you more Surrealisme or more Rococo ?!

The Chronology

From Gothic through contemporary paintings, including Romantism and Fauvism, each movement takes place in the chronology.

Very well known paintings are linked with each movement.

To feel like to know more on paintings !

The Painting Informations
On top of each painting, few informations on the painter and the tittle of the work, of course, but also the creation date and the place of the museum where to see the work.

Paris, St Petersbourg, New York, you will be able to kown where to find your happiness !